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            The maker of these malicious falsehoods, lies, libelous and disgusting postings on this page against attorney Edmundo Espinoza have been written by a sociopath by the name of MARCUS ARTHUR FONTAINE. He is a very well known federal and state convicted felon who has spent lengthy sentences in the State of California federal and state prisons. The reader should review federal cases, United States v Marcus A. Fontaine (Case No. 90-CR-0158-ER) (Case No. 94-CR-0386-CBM) and People v Marcus A. Fontaine (Case #BA-240328)(Los Angeles Superior Court. He has been attacking attorney Edmundo Espinoza on the internet for many years in an illogical and mentally sick way. He is an individual without scruples and morality and who has taken it upon himself to harm attorney Espinoza only to satisfy his mentally sick distortions as the attorney has never published anything against him before this Alert. After so many years of internet abuse Edmundo Espinoza has decided to divulge through this same medium that Fontaine is the one who has posted all of these sick lies against the attorney. Fontaine has hurt the attorney mentally and financially as the attorney has lost numerous cases from prospective clients who after readings these sick and false internet postings decided not to professionally hire the attorney. It is obvious that this was the intent of this felon. This has to stop.


            But instead of signing his name in support of these postings he hides behind anonymity or false identities. Fontaine has even used the names of former clients of attorney Espinoza, like Zolp and Roblee. Additionally, Fontaine has used many aliases while committing crimes, like, Bob Mato, Robert Mc Conihay, Mike Furlong, Robert Matoni, John Grossman, Jack Miller and William Mc Quinton. His true Cuban name is Camilo Mendez but he changed his name to MARCUS ARTHUR FONTAINE after he arrived in the United States. The reader can verify this by just cliking his name in Google and his prior record will jump out.


            ALERT – he now goes by the name of MARCUS FONTAIN and prides himself of being the President and CEO of UNIMUNDO TV – a respected online business. The fact remains, however, that he continues to be MARCUS ARTHUR FONTAINE a felon who was sentenced to over 20-years in federal custody for Fraud, Money Laundering, Theft and Forgery and who was released right after the “Los Angeles Times” published an article on August 22, 2000, warning the public of his release. In that article it was said that FONTAINE had defrauded Medi-Cal out of millions of dollars.


            This FONTAINE or FONTAIN is the same individual and he will not be able to shake off his past as a criminal. The reader will notice that after the publication of this Alert, Fontain will renew his online attacks against GARTH HUMBERT and Edmundo Espinoza with a vengeance. However, if his attacks had a rational basis, then he should not be able to hide his true identity by using aliases or made up names, or by anonymity, but should use his true name of either Camilo Mendez or Marcus Arthur Fontaine or even Marcus Fontain.

Attorney Espinoza professionally represented Marcus Arthur Fontaine many years ago and it is believed by the attorney that these online attacks resulted from a refusal by the attorney to represent FONTAINE for free in a Trademark Case. 



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