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Quest Financial-Charles Aliahmed

 The owner of this company, Charles Aliahmed had to move to Grosse Pointe Shores Michigan due to the life threatning acts taking place in his Former Office in Roseville Michigan.

He runs many scams from his office, ranging from investing in low income housing projects in Detroit, to False Credit repair and high risk refinancing scams, which cost his customers more in the long run than they imagine they save in the beginning.

Charles eludes his customers after taking substantial monies from them, and never following through on his claims.  His investments are frauds and ponzi schemes.   He has one employee left working for him and has somehow continued to attract new customers to his fraudulent schemes.

Hi response will likely be that he has been in business for 20 years.  He has started Smokers Only, but from his own admission, spent time in Jail regarding operations.  

His licenses are not in his name, but he uses others, as he is a convicted felon. His telephone numbers have changed numerous times, just not hi cell phone, which is obviously not given to most of his clientele.  

Prior to our business together, I was a friend of his, which led me to believe I could trust his word, even with the advice of dozens of others who advised me against it.  

In hopes that future scams do not move forward, I am attempting my best to make this scam artist public.  Be Warned.


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Author's Comments
http://www.questsolutionsinc.com/Quest/about_team.html is the new scam artist web sight.
2012-03-16 13:35:02

Bankruptcy...but he still works...hmm..
2012-05-08 12:34:59
His new address is

102 kercheval
Grosse pointe shores, Mi 48236

Home address is

(Home Address hidden by ROO Editor for security concerns)
Grosse Pointe Shores, Mi 48236

I have recently found many people in need of this information to serve him with paperwork!
2012-05-14 11:16:59
Rebuttal: You must be logged in
This is Charles Ali-Ahmad, owner of Quest Financial Services. My company was founded in 1998 and remains a strong and viable business today. A majority of my work comes through repeat and referral business from happy clients and this is why I've been able to remain prosperous with minimal advertising. This would not be possible if the allegations made against me on this site had any basis in truth whatsoever.

Now, before I address the falsities of the statement posted against me, I am compelled to disclose that the person who made the report had to be escorted out of my office by police officers. I point this out only because it should cast some doubt on his credibility. With that out of the way, I will move on with my formal rebuttal.

First, I run a duly licensed mortgage brokerage. It is not an investment or credit restoration business and I am confused as to why this was alleged.

Second, no aspects of my services could possibly be conceived as a Ponzi scheme and this statement is nothing short of slander.

Third, I moved my company to Grosse Pointe Farms (not Shores) simply because it is a more convenient location from which I can serve my clients. Customer service is the cornerstone of my practice and I will continue to direct my business and company in a way that provides the best service available.

Fourth, I have had the same cell phone number for 17 years and it is printed on my business cards. That isn't something I could say if I was actually trying to hide from anyone.

Fifth and lastly, because of my investment in technology and an overhaul of our file processes, I was able to turn around the same high volume of work with less personnel. This is a key reason my company has remained so financially viable during times when similar companies were failing at an alarmingly high rate.

Charles Ali-Ahmad

Quest Financial Services, Inc.
2012-07-06 04:12:51
General Comments (Public)
Fraud is a crime,
It really is a sad situation that a man who has been charged with 2 Fraudulent Acts can operate a finanical business involving other's hard earned money. All prospective clients should be aware that they doing business with a criminal.
2012-03-16 08:32:35
In the summer of 2011, Charles Aliahmed filed for bankruptcy and was granted the bankruptcy in the fall of 2011.
WOW! Who would trust this man with their money when he can't even manage his own.
2012-04-15 14:16:48
a friend,
Mr Aliahmed is also under investigation from several Federal Agencies for interstate law violations. We can only hope people research this common thief before they trust him.
2012-04-15 19:26:12
Ripped in GPS,
Yes, I also trusted Mr Aliahmad and Ms Merlo. They scammed me out of money as well.

He is a smooth talker though, and I bet he scams more people every day!

NEVER Trust this team.
2012-04-15 19:53:56
Interstate violations,
What agencies are investigating the matter? I'd like to contact them and give them some information.
2012-04-16 08:52:13
102 kercheval
Grosse pointe shores, Mi 48236 is his new business address!
2012-05-08 12:38:33
I have a friend that has been ripped off by Sr Analyst, Ms Merlo. How many have had the same type of problems or knowledge of other criminal activity. How do these people continue to rip people off!
2012-05-08 14:19:25
Because they do not get together or contact authorities...I have been in touch with state of michigan for his real estate license, as well as the police regarding his illegal behavior.
2012-05-08 20:01:37
Also, chuck has his foreign lawyers who do work for him cheap. He sends thousands overseas to lebanon and other arab nations to support them......very strange how he gets away with this.
2012-05-08 20:04:04
I am a victim!!!
This message is for Ripped.... My email address is (Contact ed@rippedoffonline.com for this email address)
Please contact me by email and I'll tell you my story and maybe you have some valid/confirmed information I could use. Please trust that I am a victim... you will understand why I don't want to be known on this website after you hear my story.. I will only be keeping this email address for a couple of days because I worry about Chuck or Kari contacting me with it.
2012-05-10 20:18:50
RE: Info, You can initiate communication through RippedOffOnline as well; we keep everything private and can set up two way correspondence without you having to broadcast your email address. We do not read your correspondence, we just set up the communication route. You can use your private email or phone, whatever you choose. We just ensure that each party wishes to talk to the other.
2012-05-10 20:52:07
RE : "Ripped" please contact ed@rippedoffonline.com to get in touch with "Info." If mutually agreed I will exchange your emails. Best to you.
2012-05-11 18:14:53
So you are just saying to Just email that email? and the correspondence is open?
2012-05-13 14:00:16
Ripped, if you received my email address from the editor you may email me. I will explain who I am and how Kari stole my money. I understand your reluctance but we both want the same thing. I want Kari to be held responsible for her criminal act just as you want Chuck to be held responsible.
2012-05-13 19:19:24
I will await your email. I blieve you and I agree on this and it may be mutually beneficial!
2012-05-14 08:27:19
If you contact the editor, he will provide you with my email address. I have aurthorized the editor to provide it to you. I do not have your email address.
2012-05-14 11:09:25
If you have to contact him, Chucks addresses for filing are

His new address is

102 kercheval
Grosse pointe shores, Mi 48236

Home address is

(Home address hidden)
Grosse Pointe Shores, Mi 48236

I have recently found many people in need of this information to serve him with paperwork!
2012-05-14 11:18:01
Ripped and Info - use our on-site contact form. Provide your contact email and the party you wish to contact or be contacted by. Also include your the report id number (found in the url), your username from the posts above and any other information you feel important. ROO needs both parties to agree on an information exchange. Once done, ROO will forward the email addresses to the respected recipients. ROO will not abuse your information; it will remain private. Best to you - Guy
2012-05-14 12:44:45
RE: Ripped - If you send me your email I will exchange it with "info" and you two can start communicating. http://www.rippedoffonline.com/art/contacts.html include your username and report number please.
2012-05-15 09:01:47
After receiving this update, I am compelled to state, that I have never been arrested in my life, nor have I been handcuffed and escorted from any office. That said, it can only be assumed that several people have fell victim to the felonious acts of the man who was imprisoned earlier in his life for cigarette smuggling, and has declared bankruptcy.

Mr AliAhmed is a sooth talker, his charm and charisma are deceiving. I refuse to banter with a man whom makes more enemies than friends, whose family speaks low of him in his absence and who plainly has no idea who I am, due to this countless dealings with victims who have entrusted him with their hard earned money. Charles has scammed more people than any other convicted felon I know of, and as he is surely wondering at this point who I am, it is a shame.

Just be warned before engaging in any type of business or other dealings with this common thief.

Enough said.

2012-07-06 19:13:16
Funny, this company is based in Beruit Lebanon and GPF MI. Wonder how much money is funneled to the place with less taxes, and then, who knows where that money goes.

You might think the government would look into this eh?
2012-08-31 09:18:49
Hmmm.. Mr Aliahmad was in jail for Drugs and Prostitution...Great Muslim hey? I guess his Muslim ties only help him over here also!

How did he ever get a real estate license? Oh sorry, it was Ms Merlo who must have had one, as well as his wife Rima...
2012-10-11 12:43:08
Kari Merlo, Senior Loan Analyst for Quest Financial Services stole over $4,000 in mortgage payments from a loan modification that she was "working" on.

In September of 2012, a felony warrant was issued for Kari Merlo's arrest by the Prosecutor's Office. Kari Merlo was charged with a 5 year felony charge of Larceny By Conversion. Kari Merlo turned herself in and was arrested on the felony charge. Kari Merlo admitted to stealing the mortgage payments and was ordered by the court to pay full restitution.

Do Not trust this company and it's employees. Do Not become a victim. Even though the court ordered full restitution the home was lost to foreclosure due to Kari Merlo's fraudulent crime.

Before handing over your hard earned money to anyone during your difficult time take the time to research companies. Use only reputable, honest and trustworthy companies for your modification needs. Kari Merlo and Quest Financial Solutions is NOT a company you can trust.
2012-11-12 21:13:15
NOTICE: A rebuttal has been added, disputing the veracity of this report. Please take this in to account when making your conclusions. ED
2012-11-12 22:06:18
Victim ,
One thing that should alert consumers is that the rebuttal does not address any criminal activity. It's hard to argue against documented factual information. The documented truth is just that "truth". Allegations mean nothing without documented proof. Anyone can obtain police reports and court documents that are public record to verify criminal activity.

If the business is thriving why did the CFO file for Bankruptcy?
2012-11-13 18:47:18
One that knows the truth,
Matthew Merlo the author of "Victim". The truth is he is acting on revenge to his exwife. The revenge is due to her refusal to allow him in her life again. Matt, you have lost her for good. Give it up. You know the true reasons for the foreclosure issue. You are the direct reason for it. Grow up, you have lost her. Leave her alone, move on and try to be a decent example to your children.
2012-11-16 10:37:36
I am a honest, law abiding GOD fearing person. Kari Merlo is the documented thief.

The only revenge that occurred is Kari Merlo stole my money and continues to ruin my credit history by not paying bills that she is required to per the divorce decree. She has lost her moral compass and she continues her vengeful acts.

If Kari Merlo did not commit a felony crime against me and took care of her financial responsibilities there would be peace.

I am a responsible, loving and caring father.

The truth is in the police report. Kari even admitted to the investigating officer that she stole the mortgage payments out of

Who ever made the above response is a joke. You don't address the real issues which is the criminal activity and throw out false accusations.

My post was made for consumers so they know that criminals are out there and they will take advantage of you. Research companies/people before handing over their hard earned money.
2012-11-16 13:38:31
My comments are true and are documented facts. I did not post any accusations. I posted documented facts that are proven!

To "one that knows the truth", Consumers are a lot smarter than you give them credit for.
2012-11-16 13:47:27
It is curious that Charles believes he knows all of the true authors in this, however, since he has never contacted me regarding this issue, I can obviously state that his wrongdoings are more common to people that we thought.

Maybe back in Beruit, he has some ties that will assist him in revealing the identities, as well as help him build his business, as he funds their organizations. It is sad that he is laundering money, but worse that he is using the money to fund organizations in which fight against true democracy!

Of course, even as the devout Muslim he is, he still chooses to stay in America, go to topless bars often, drink daily (even during the sacred Ramadan), and have affairs on his wife.

Of course, these are quibbles when you see the true character of this common Thief!
2012-11-19 13:12:12
Knows Better,
No God-fearing man would write such horrific lies about anyone, let alone the mother of his children. What if your kids read this? Do you think they will love or respect you more as a result of what you have written or are you simply hoping they will love their mother less? Either way, you should be ashamed of yourself.
2012-11-19 14:11:31
I have no children to read this....and I have written no lies Ms Merlo!
2012-11-19 16:04:28
Knows Better,
Ripped: my comment was not directed at you, it was directed to "victim". I don't know who you are nor do I care. Sorry...guessing you probably hear that a lot. This is also not Ms. Merlo. I am, however, a friend of hers and have watched "victim" attempt to punish her at every turn. Perhaps "victim" should empower himself to move on and make fatherhood his priority instead of vengeance. By logging off and focusing on his kids, everyone would be better off. I also know Mr. Ali-Ahmad and can attest to how many people he and Ms. Merlo have helped. If you feel your interests were not served, why not try traditional avenues to be made whole? Maybe it is because those avenues don't believe you have a legitimate claim?
2012-11-19 20:47:10
To "knows better". I have not written any lies. If you know "the truth" you know that everything I have written to be the truth.

My posts are made for consumers to be aware of criminal activity and Ms. Merlo stole mortgage funds while "working" on a loan modification. All documented truth.

Kari Merlo committed the crime!!! Kari Merlo should be ashamed for what she has done. Our children were traumatized by her criminal acts and her reluctance to pay the mortgage on the home that her children are living in half the time.

What kind of mother sets an example of committing a criminal act out of revenge against her children's father. What kind of mother who receives extensive support and has a job refuses to pay the mortgage on the home she is living in.

I am a loving, caring and supporting father. I have my children half the time and I am the parent teaches my children between right and wrong.

It's funny how "knows better" does not focus on the truth and where the blame lies.

Apparently, "knows better" does not know me!!!!! I have integrity and as I have always said I will only post documented and verified true facts. "Knows better" is the coward that claims to know me. If "knows better" is in Kari Merlo's life he/she is not in my life, guaranteed!
2012-11-19 21:14:19
Knows Better,
Victim: Many people who are angry because they feel rejected believe the only way they can tell their story is to start with a kernel of truth and then manipulate the facts in an effort to garner sympathy so the person who moved on looks like the bad guy. This is no different. However, just because you continue to assert something does not make it true. "Hey, the sky is purple!" Using your logic, it is written so it must be true...except that it is not. Matt: forgive yourself for what happened, learn to be kind to Kari and move on. Your life will be so much richer as a result and your children will be the prime benefactors of your improved outlook. I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.
2012-11-19 21:53:23
Back to the issue,I do not know who is writing on this blog for personal reasons, but I do know that Charles Aliahmed is a common thief, who should watch his back in the future, as people are now enlightened to his activities. Especially the ones back in the mid east where he funds terrorist activities with money stolen from the US people he claims to assist!
2012-11-20 06:06:45
I will continue to do as I tell the many fraud victims that I deal with to do. Tell the truth and tell others of the criminal act that you were a victim of. If a victim's true story can stop others from becoming victimize by the same perpetrator than a difference was made.

It's apparent that Quest Financial is NOT a company anyone could trust. The CFO is a convicted felon with a long documented history of a criminal past. The Senior Loan Analyst is a documented thief. Both have documented pasts of not being able to manage their personal money. This all adds up to being a bad situation for a consumer if they trust this company. I trusted Kari Merlo and was devestated financially.

Consumers Beware!!!! Don't become a victim like I was and 2 other friends of Kari Merlo were.

2012-11-20 06:45:23
There is so much talk of Documentation on everything; can anyone provide their location? I assume these documents are public, since you have seen them? RippedOffOnline would certainly like to see documentation to sway the dispute one way or another. Email ed@rippedoffonline.com, or use our contact form to send us links to the documents, or addresses where we may request copies. Thanks ~Ed
2012-11-20 07:31:43
I posted the web sights above for your review. Bankruptcy is a public issue, so is the websight with the names of Charles and Rima, in Lebanon!
2012-11-20 09:56:55
Having prior successful business relationships with Quest Financial coupled with plans in the making for future endeavors, I was naturally concerned to receive knowledge of some negative comments on the web directed at Quest and members of it's outstanding team of professionals.

I have since investigated the allegations surrounding the web posts made by "Victim". Hopefully the information I have found will aid any consumer wishing to read this in establishing a more clear understanding of the "facts" as claimed in the posts.

Firstly, in my opinion, having been involved with law enforcement in the past as well as involvement within our court system itself, I find Victim's posts to be insulting to the very consumer he claims to be helping by posting this information and also very deceptive in nature. Actually, of the few actual facts in the postings, the "fact" is his posts only define and make note of factual accusations and charges and clearly DO NOT identify or acknowledge any factual outcome of the listed crimes that he claims were supposedly perpetrated against him. Actually nothing could be further from the truth. In this day and age we should all know that reported, investigated, charged and arrested DOES NOT MEAN tried and convicted. Innocent until proven guilty is our right.

With that, and based on Victim's additional posts, as well as his unsubstantiated personal opinion of Ms. Merlo's "moral compass" and accusations of her being a "thief” resonate NO information of "fact" at all. The fact is I found NOTHING to support Victim's claims with regards to Ms. Merlo's integrity or moral condition, other than the "fact" she has NO CRIMINAL RECORD. I also found NO COURT FELONY CONVICTION OF ANY TYPE related to Ms. Merlo as claimed by Victim. Any and all court filings that I found were answered by Ms. Merlo, seen before a legitimate court system and DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. There is NO "court order" of repayment for any felony. ANY and ALL CHARGES WERE AND HAVE BEEN DISMISSED with relation to Ms. Merlo. Victim's claim of "court ordered" paid restitution is NOT on file, which leads me to believe that any repayment that was received was a domestic civil issue between the parties over a material disagreement. Coincidentally all the charges I found related to Ms. Merlo were filed by the same "Victim" and subsequently dropped and DISMISSED by valid legal proceedings within our court system. Victim's foreclosure as well as anything in the divorce decree are again personal matters and relate nothing to the business centered around Quest Financial. Lenders do not foreclose on such small amounts ($4,000) such as Victim has claimed. As indicated by Victim, this information or in this case, lack of information is public record. However, as I have stated before, we are all innocent until proven guilty regardless of the "charges" brought against us.

As for one last fact I would like to address, Victim's claim of God fearing throughout his posts has me perplexed because I do not nor have I ever feared My God for I KNOW my God Loves Me. “For if ye forgive them when they sin against you, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive them their sins your Father will not forgive your sins.” Matthew 6:14

Quest Financial has always operated with the utmost level of integrity and I have found no reason to relinquish ties with such a sound business partner. These isolated posts do not reflect any part of the quality of service I have received while doing business with this group and the opinions expressed by Victim hold no merit.
2012-11-20 10:10:12
I stand by statements as 100% truthful and factual. A deal was made between the assistant prosecutor and the defense attorney for full restitution to be paid. Kari Merlo paid the full restitution on the day the deal was struck to the Lapeer County Criminal Circuit Court. I have received my full restitution of $4321.00 from the Lapeer County Criminal Circuit Court as ordered per the deal.

I am in agreement that the outcome was best for my children. Kari Merlo was held accountable by having to pay the full restitution and avoided any jail time. Again, the best outcome for my children.

ED: you may contact the Imlay City Michigan Police Department for a copy of the police investigation under the F.O.I.A. It clearly states in the police report during the interview of Kari Merlo that she admitted to the investigating officer of the theft of the mortgage payments for the reason of "revenge". Because a deal was made in court for the dismissal upon payment of full restitution does not negate the fact that a crime
was committed.

Regarding the foreclosure. Upon the detection of the theft of the mortgage payments the investigation revealed that Kari Merlo stole over $5,000.00 in mortgage payments while the divorce proceedings were on going. This is documented with records from the mortgage company.

In the State of Michigan, we are community property state and the theft of the money during our divorce proceedings does not constitute a crime. However in my eyes, it is immoral and sinful. What was and is a crime is the theft of the mortgage funds that Kari Merlo admittedly stole after the divorce was finalized.

In the end, Kari Merlo took just shy of $10,000.00 in mortgage payments in an approximate time frame of 20 months.

No matter how you slice it, Kari Merlo is an admitted thief and has lost her "moral compass".
2012-11-20 14:38:45
Documented mortgage records, police investigation, reports, restitution payments, deals. These are all very valid components of INFORMATION gathered and deliberated over and then disputed, by competent attorneys under due process of the law. This INFORMATON, I am quite sure, was in the hands of the prosecutors office when they came to the conclusion to DISMISS ALL CHARGES against Ms. Merlo. Once again for the record, Ms. Merlo has NOT been convicted of any felony crime in any Michigan or United States Court.

ED: Note: Having only found Michigan cases related o these posts, anyone may search teh Michigan Criminal History database at Michigan.gov and access the ICHAT Home Page to verify the fact that Ms. Merlo has NOT been convicted of any crime.
2012-11-21 11:09:12
This guy is one of the worst human beings on the face of this earth. He steals and cheats everyone in his path. Chuck frequents the strip clubs on 8 mile every day. He pays hookers to sleep with him. Chuck is also known as a "mooch" off the infamous Marvin. Chuck just lost his house on lake shore so he's renting in Grosse Pointe. HUGE LOSER and CROOK. Heard his wife loves gang bangs.
2012-12-13 18:22:59
Keeping this information clean, Charles Wife has no part of it. Charles is the thief. He is concerned with the money that flows in and out of his pockets, and has no concern as to whom it affects. His devout Muslim beliefs are simply only there so he can appease his family. He is a crook, he DOES frequent establishments of ill repute, does drugs, drinks excessively even during his holy month (Ramadan), and he has cheated on his wife more than most. Some say that she knows this and overlooks it due to her somewhat questionable status as a US Citizen.

Chucks background of supporting groups in the Middle East which may or may not support violence against US interests is in question. He claims that his company has assisted those in need with financial stability. He in fact skirted the law to make profit. He is known to cheat people and due to his affiliation of Mr Hassan (Accountant) and others who know the laws well, he gets away with it, although many people are looking for him to settle their own disputes!

It is my belief that Ms Merlo is but a pawn in his game, and the rumors of their sexual favors toward each other may or may not be true. He does support her more so that any other employer I have known. Word of her moral compass place doubts upon her credibility, as well as her scarred past with the law.

The team as a whole may have assisted some low income persons in financial difficulty, however not without a Great profit to them.

The sexual prowess of Aliahmed in 8 mile strip clubs, as well as his financial distribution of money to the middle east, infers he uses business, friendship, religion and connections to better himself, and support anti american interests worldwide, and not support the country or way of life which he has abused and lived under for years.

It is easy to say that Charles is a loser, and he will get what is coming to him, however, the organizations he supports will support him in return for his loyal service. When he has expended all of his wealth here in the US, he will most likely move back to the Middle East where he will be treated as the loyal Jihadist he is! If you look at his web sight, he has already set the ground work to move back there.

Not all Jihadists are bombers, some support the cause in other ways, just as Charles has!

Allāhu Akbar Charles! Be proud of the Americans you have stolen from , and the economy you have exploited for personal interest and your own deviate enjoyment.

2012-12-14 08:59:08
Freedom of Speech,
If any of these things are true, I don't believe none of it. Chuck is a hard working individual and devoted family man. If he decides to go to legal establishments so be it. Nothing I read has any real evidence behind it. So what he filed for bankruptcy, what does that mean in this type of economy! I think that most of this sould be erased because of lack of evidence. If there's a Police Officer on here making false and degrading comments should be ashame of him or herself. Better yet you are probably putting your job at risk (conduct unbecoming of a peace officer) , with the proper notification to your Police Department. May everyone have a good upcoming year and stay positive and live your life....
2012-12-28 12:16:14
Quest is Best,
Anyone who knows or has done business with this company can recognize these statements as baseless slander. I have had a great working relationship with Charles and Kari for years now and they have always put clients' best interests at the top of their business model. They have always been professional and I know they have a large portfolio of happy clients. I look forward to working with them for many years to come. It's unfortunate that there are people out there abusing sites likes this for what comes across as petty teenage bullying.
2013-01-15 14:51:47
I would imagine that you are in business with Charles or you are him. I have met dozens of people that have been ripped by this crew. Bullying is taking lunch money from smaller kids....perfect description of Charles!
2013-01-15 17:40:34
Quest What?,
I have dealt with Charles in the past also. He Lied to all regarding our business and still owes me thousands. I am not going to air my dirty laundry, but I will confirm he is a thief. His way of stealing is not quite to put a gun to your head, but I would not put it past this man. He is a common criminal.

As far as Quest...what a joke. Nobody would go to them unless they were desperate...and he finds the desperate souls!
2013-02-04 15:01:06
Quest is the Best at Mismanaging Money,
I verified that Charles Aliahmad did indeed file for Bankruptcy in 2011.
Kari Merlo is currently 8 months behind on her mortgage.
Do not trust your finances and money with Quest. They have proven that they can not manage their own finances and you're money is too valuable to lose.
Beware Consumers!
2013-08-21 17:45:37
Ever since Charles filed bankruptcy and moved Deepland into Grosse Pointe Shores, 50 is exactly the number of idiots living in front of his house, Charles has easily financed this latest house from money he received from Bad drugs, pharm and illicit.
2014-03-23 09:37:05
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