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Original Email: Dave Bennett
03:22 (10 hours ago)

to me
You have successfully unlocked MOWG Professional (Version: 3.1 ) using product key REMOVED BY ROO ED. Note: This email address is un-monitored. Please do NOT reply to this email address. For future support related to MOWG Professional, please contact support@mowg-crew.com.


Reply from: Carl Riedel
09:01 (4 hours ago)

to MOWG-Crew
Hey Dave,

Someone stole this license. I have NOT re-installed MOWG anywhere. And I certainly don't use MOWG3.1

Please deactivate this and send my original License back.

Carl Riedel


Email From: Dave Bennett
MOWG-Crew Support
09:34 (4 hours ago)

to me
Hi Carl,

I took it down… today is the first day that someone called me to say that they weren’t sure whether to buy MOWG, because they saw a program called ‘Mass Page Generator’ on your website. So they were thinking about whether to buy mine or yours.

I had no idea that you were using mowgtemplates.com to actually compete with me… I really had no idea that you said anything ‘bad’ about MOWG, and how wrong that is.

For instance, MOWG is not bad for ranking. Only the UAP is outdated, and that’s the 2-MOWG-HB. I solved the problem with the 3-MOWG-HB. MOWG is a tool.

You can always use it well or poorly. There’s no such issue as ‘MOWG being bad.’

Beyond that, comments like these mean that you stole my work and are trying to create your own version of it:

“All our .html files are “varred out” according to the “MOWG rules.”

Separately, don’t forget that you are using the word ‘mowg’ in your website name. I let you do that before, because of course you were branding yourself while selling MOWG.

You should feel weird using MOWG in your website name WHILE competing with me, while not telling me that you were going to do so.

When you take down competitive ideas and stop competing with me, I will release your license again. Or simply keep competing; it’s up to you. But I can’t be on your side if you keep competing with me, and I can’t let you have a copy of MOWG if I think you could be using it to help you compete with me, which it seems you are doing at this time.


Reply from: Carl Riedel
to MOWG-Crew
Hey Dave,

I rented to own the software whether I compete with you or not, it is MY License, I've paid for it. There was no caveat that stated when I paid it off that I could not compete with MOWG. I used to believe in MOWG's capabilities and they DID work for a while with the custom templates and not using UAP.

But MPC IS better. Actually MPC existed before MOWG was re-marketed as a traffic generation tool. I only discovered it AFTER I'd paid off my MOWG License. I know that the original intention of the software was to backlink websites, back in the day when multiple links from the same domain could still help you rank.

And it was only later you discovered that some of the pages created did show up in search results. (You said so yourself in one of your videos...)

The URL structure alone is a killer according to Google's own guidelines.

I don't use MOWG for client work at all, BUT I believe I do own the License since I've paid for it. ($1300.00)

Reply From Dave Bennett
10:43 (3 hours ago)

to me
Wow, I thought you knew more than that. You really just know not enough. For instance, no one will let you have a copy of their software if you plan to use it to compete with them. And your link to Google terms has nothing to do with anything, since of course we can control the URL structure.

Listen, Carl, I was not born yesterday. MOWG is indeed the better tool. It was built to be as flexible as your imagination. If you have not figured out how it works yet, it is not my fault.

But since you choose to compete with MOWG, you have forfeited the right to the software. And you should take down your website, mowgtemplates.com since you use my product's name in it.

How dare you, you cheater, even think that you deserve my software if you compete with it. It's amazing that you would consider it.

Goodbye, Carl.

Reply from: Carl Riedel
12:42 (1 hour ago)

You have 2 options.

Give me my License BACK or Refund my money.

Or else I'll Escalate this.

Carl Riedel


Addendum by Carl Riedel:

I do NOT own Mass Page Creator. I am an affiliate.




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