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Jumaane Williams Bronx NY homeless drunk

Barky Barky  |  Vehicular Rip-Offs  |  93 views  |  Read Full
 Nuisance and creep Jumaane Williams Bronx NY is a total loser.  Arrested 10 times for various felonies this cheap piece of crap
lives out of his car.
Harassed tourists and abuses escorts in shady Bronx motels this heroine addict can’t just move on.  Have a nice day!

Bohemian Guitars

Darrell Skip158  |  Online Retail (General)  |  91 views  |  Read Full
 I bought an Oil Can Guitar from Bohemian Guitars in October 2016.  Their web site said they had them in stock. After completing my order ( and payment) I recieved a confirmation that my "Pre-Order" had been recieved.  When I inquired I was told all unit would ship within ...


Denise DeniseG  |  All Categories  |  103 views  |  Read Full


I booked a party with Jeff, for OCT 21, in Los Angeles for my Granddaughter's 1st Birthday party I was told it would be $225.00 for 1 hour of Elmo, I gave a $50.00 deposit using PayPal in which I am disputing the remaining balance of 175.00 to be paid cash on the day of the ...

Sears Carpet Cleaning Wallingford CT

Sears Carpet Cleaning located at 121 North Plains Industrial Rd in Wallingford CT trashed our new carpets!!!   They hired felons who arrived early in hopes of cornering my wife alone and wouldnt leave when asked.  Totally ruined our carpets by spreading stains and to add insult to injury ...


ROOEd ROO Editor  |  Report Phone Numbers & Calls  |  219 views  |  Read Full
Relentless calls from this number, all wanting to have me request medical devices from my doctor to have my insurance pay for.


hlaforie hlaforie2017  |  All Categories  |  489 views  |  Read Full
 Su nombre verdadero es Camilo Mendez y el cambio a Marcus Arthur Fontaine despues de que ingresaron a Estados Unidos. El lector puede entrar al internet y poner a Marcus Arthur Fontaine y se da cuenta de todos los casos penales en su contra
Tambien es seguro para su verdadera identidad ...


hlaforie hlaforie2017  |  All Categories  |  153895 views  |  Read Full
            The maker of these malicious falsehoods, lies, libelous and disgusting postings on this page against attorney Edmundo Espinoza have been written by a sociopath by the name of MARCUS ARTHUR FONTAINE. He is a very well known federal and state convicted felon ...


hlaforie hlaforie2017  |  All Categories  |  466 views  |  Read Full

Dirigido a todos los miembros y que buscan ser miembros de UNIMUNDO TV y al Publico en General:
 Que Reconozcan el Presidente y CEO de UNIMUNDO TV y UNIMUNDO CORPORATION, quien Se presenta Como MARCUS FONTAIN no es otro mas Que El Mismo MARCUS ARTHUR FONTAINE Quien fue Encontrado ...


Donnie donmaster  |  People  |  522 views  |  Read Full
SARAH S LEMMERT,TIMOTHY P. MCGOUGH,FRANKLIN& PROKOPIK OF MABE WORKERS COMPENSATION SUITE 600 2 NORTH CHARLES STREET BALTIMORE MD 21201. These people from 2014 thru 2016 neglected my wife Angela Montieth and her attorney for more than 20 months and for neglet we would like to see $2000.00 ...

matte and associates

123uno jj  |  Investments  |  88 views  |  Read Full
I see you treat all with integrity, fairness,kindness. when I wrote you a letter asking why you treated us in such a bad manner after all we did for you/ you said and I quote/ I read your letter and showed it to everyone in my office and we all had a good laugh! I guess you meant you only treat ...
Page 1 of 5012 3 
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