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ROO Privacy and Policies

Privacy Policy:
At RippedOffOnline.com your privacy is paramount!  We NEVER, EVER release information to third parties except if required by law, or if requested and approved by two parties wanting to communicate.  Your private information is never sold, rented, or otherwise exposed to third parties. Your information IS NEVER released to the party/organization you are reporting unless you specifically give permission for its release - we require this permission to be in writing, notarized and sent through USPS, UPS or Fed-X. NOTE: Any information received by mail or post becomes the property of ROO and cannot be returned.
Information collected on this site is used to contact you regarding your report if necessary or to help you achieve a legal end result, also through an automated email system to verify that you are placing a legitimate report, or when you make request for further information. You can also be contacted by the system to advise you of a rebuttal or comment to your report - this "response notification" feature is controlled by the member and can be deactivated through the member area when you are logged in.
A verified email address and registration is required in order to post reports/articles. At some point ROO may require a valid mailing address, that will be verified via email or phone.  This registration is FREE and is only to help weed-out those who just want to harm the reputation of another and additionally to facilitate help for you, should you request it.  Registration currently only requires a verified email address.  The email address is never published or released to third parties, unless agreed to by all requesting parties for their private communication.
Cookies are used to identify registered members when they visit, in order to facilitate a personal experience and to ensure that only registered members can publish.  Cookies do not collect or contain any personally identifiable information.  ROO uses third-party advertizing on the site and forum, this advertizing may contain cookies and bugs that are beyond our control but still gather no personal information - ROO is in no way resposible for the links or content of the advertized sites. Additionally, cookies are used to help us monitor our traffic and aggregate data consisting of browser type, IP address and location, time of day and referring site are collected to allow us to maintain a quality site with up-to-date content.

ROO is not responsible for the privacy practices and content of third party websites that may be linked to from within ROO. 
RippedOffOnline.com does not currently publish a newsletter and we do not send advertisements.
Policy on Email written to the Editor (ROO)
RippedOffOnline.com accepts all email, the good and the bad. It is our standing policy that all email received becomes the property of RippedOffOnline.com and at that time may be used on site. Hate mail specifically may be published in accordance with current laws and within our rights under the US Constitution. Once an email is submitted to RippedOffOnline it is understood that that email may be used on site in accordance with the Terms and Policies published on RippedOffOnline.
Policy on Report/Article Submission 
  1. All reports/articles must be of a true nature. The publisher/writer of the report/article is ultimately responsible for the report/article and its content. Once submitted a report cannot be "undone. If it untrue, it will remain for the "Authorities" to see!
  2. Only ONE (1) report can be made about a company or person by someone at a registered email address; any additional reports about the same company/complaint coming from the same email address will be removed when found - any duplicate information found coming from a different email address will be removed when found. If you need to add something to your report, use the "Author's Comments Box" (You must be registered and loggin in to use it) to add to your complaint or report
  3. Reports/articles cannot contain personal email address links. Any email address links found will be removed by the editor.
  4. Use of a person’s actual address or phone number is forbidden and is major privacy and security issue. Business/Commercial addresses and phone numbers are okay. Residential addresses and private phone numbers may be removed by the editor when found.
  5. To update your article, please use the "Author's Comments" comments feature as stated above. 
  6. If a resolution has been reached please contact the Editor and provide the information so the report can be flagged.
  7. Any report or comment that is made with the sole intent of promoting a website, service, product or business will be deleted and the author banned if possible. Product reveiws are not considered product promotion, as long as there is no link to the product for sale. ROO may additionall write a negative review of the site as a spammer and unreraliable as a vendor.
  8. Any language considered by the Editor to be too harsh may be censored.  We try to maintain a PG-13 rating. Offensive material may be removed by the editor without notice.

Policy on Rebuttal, Comments and Feedback 

  1. Please, only leave feedback or a comment if you have something relevant to say.  If you have had a similar experience with the entity in the complaint or have real advice on how to deal with the situation, go for it!
  2. Rebuttal should be placed in the "REBUTTAL" box (you must have an active account and be logged in to see it - it resides directrly under the report.) the rebuttal must be the reaction of the entity that the complaint was filed against.  Please, state the facts and try to retain your composure.  Remember, people look at how a company or individual handles complaints. If a rebuttal is place in general comments - IT MAY BE DELETED!
  3. Any comment, rebuttal or feedback added with the intent of promoting a website, service, product or business will be deleted and the author banned if possible.
  4. Any language considered by the Editor to be too harsh may be censored.  We try to maintain a PG-13 rating.
  5. Email addresses in the body of the rebuttal or comment will be removed by the Editor.


Removal of Reports/Articles 

  •  It is the policy of this site not to remove any report by request.  There are a couple of exceptions noted below.
  • A report may be edited or removed for the following reasons:
    B. It contains a person's physical address or phone number.
    C. It contains hate based or violent content.
    D. Under no other circumstances will a report be removed!
    E. A Report/Comment may be ammended by the EDITOR to reflect a possible abuse of our systemby the published. The EDITOR has the right to add any information found about the reporter to cause him/her to think twice about filing. This includes emails addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses and more.


Policy on Language  

Language unfortunately is a part of life and is sometimes needed in order to fully express oneself.  However, there are words that just have no place here and they will be removed by the Editor when encountered.  If you see **** in place of a word in an article, just use your imagination.  If you see it in your article, the Editor has removed a word or phrase that was deemed inappropriate.
Editorial Policy 
Editing only occurs under the following circumstances:

If found within the body of any report, rebuttal, comment or response;


  • Obscene language will be removed when encountered or reported.
  • Material that infringes on trademarks or trade secrets will be removed when encountered or requested.
  • Language that promotes violence or hate will be removed.
  • Material that directly threatens bodily harm to any individual will be removed and reported to the proper authorities.
  • Email addresses for private individuals will be removed when encountered or reported.
  • Personal street addresses will be removed when encountered or reported.
  • Personal phone numbers will be removed when encountered or reported.
This policy page was last updated on 5-15-2012

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