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If you do not see your answer here, contact the Editor and ask.
Q & A is below the new member instructions.
Account Creation Instructions:
1. When you initially sign up you are sent a confirmation email.

2. You click on the Activation link in the email or paste it into your browser.

3. Our system then confirms your email and activates your membership. You will see a short conformation message.

4. Now, with the "Auto-Generated Password" provided in the confirmation email you must login using your selected username.

5. After your initial login, go to your member area - "My Account" link is at the top of page.

6. At the bottom of the member account page is the password change request. Enter the "Auto-Generated password" from the email into the "Old Password" box and your new password in the other two boxes and make sure to write your password down for reference. Click the "Change Password' button.

7. Log out

8. You should now be able to login using your username and new password.
Q: I created a new account and received my password, but when I try to login it says the login is invalid. What's wrong?
A: After creating your account you must click on the link provided in the confirmation email sent to you. This confirms your email address in our system and activates your membership. Only then can you successfully login using the password and username in the email.
Q: How do I submit an article?
A: First, you will need to create an account using a valid email address.  Then login and Click on "Submit a Report."  You will then go to the writing area, where you can compose, or paste a pre-written (recommended) article.
Q: Do I have to have an account just to leave feedback?
A: Absolutely! This is one way we keep things on the up-and-up. People are less apt to stop by and leave defamatory feedback on a whim. Creating an account lends some credibility to comments and rebuttal. It also allow us to ban users if they abuse the system.
Q: What is an "Account," exactly?
A: Having an account is just a way for the website to keep track of your status. It makes sure that only those with verified email addresses can post, which in turn adds credability to the reports.  Account information is kept strictly confidential and is never released except if required by law.
Q: I submitted an article or rebuttal but I can't see it, what's wrong?
A: Two things to remember:

  1. Articles are sometimes first reviewed by the Editor and if accepted can take up to 72 hrs to post.
  2. If the article was deemed to be in violation of our TOS it may have been deleted (extremely rare).

Q. Can I be notified if someone leaves rebuttal or feedback to my report?
A. Yes. When you are logged in, just click on the "My Account" link at the top and select the Yes button for "Email me about new comments." You will then receive an email whenever someone posts a comment or rebuttal to your report.
Q. The issue I reported has been resolved. How do I remove my report?
A. The report cannot be removed, but can be ammended by the editor if you contact us. If your issue has a positive outcome we can flag the report as resolved. You can also add the ammendment by using the comment feature.
Q: My company has been named in an article and my business is suffering because of it. What can I do?
A: Use the Rebuttal/Comment feature and state the facts!  Be open and honest and above all, keep a cool head.  If someone has written about you, you need to state what you have done to correct the situation or why the report is wrong.  If you and the complainant have reached a resolution you should both contact the Editor and provide the details of the resolution.  We can then update the article by adding amendments.
If you feel that an article written about you or your business is just a fabrication, or a mistake, contact us immediately and provide us with the details and we will attempt to contact the author.  If contact cannot be made the article may be ammended/flagged in your favor.
Q: I made a mistake in the article I submitted, can I go back and correct it?
A: No.  Articles, reports, rebuttle and comments cannot be edited once saved/submitted.  If you need to add something, login, go to the report and use the Author Comments feature.
Q: How do I include photos with my report?
A: For security and bandwidth reasons, ROO does not allow uploading photos to our server.  You can however, link to photos hosted on your website or photo hosting services like Photobucket.  Use the "Link" feature on the toolbar of the article editor; create the text you want for the image, highlight the text, click on the "Insert/Edit Link" button and enter the url of the image in the popup window.
Q: How big can my report be?
A: Reports/Articles can be up to 50,000 characters, which is quite long.  There is also a character counter in the report writing tool for your convenience. If you do need more space, just break your article into multiple parts, ie Part 1 and Part 2.  You can submit multiple articles; just keep the same title and add Part # to each. "My Report Part 1" and "My Report Part 2" etc.


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