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Rip Off Reporting - Scams - Bad Business Ethics - Report them here


Consumer reporting sites for scams and rip-offs is becoming a key source for for people to find out about a business or persons' reputation. Rip Off Reporting allows the consumer who has had a bad experience to share that with the community in a consumer forum environment.

Find out who does not play by the rules and rips people off, and who scams people out of their money. Ripped Off Online does just that: We provide a consumer forum for people to vent and report bad business practices and ethic and report people who are scam artists, spammers, and generally not good people.

Have you been scammed or ripped off? Report your experience today and help keep others from the same fate. If you just want to read reports you can search for a company or keyword, or just browse our rip-off, scams and reports pages.

Have you had a false or derogatory report filed against you? You can file a rebuttal and let the public know how you respond to criticism and complaints - it can actually HELP your reputation. Just register and and you can place your rebuttal right under the report.

Have you read a report and have some advice? Feel free to leave it! Have you had a similar experience to what was reported? Please file your own report too; it adds credibility to the reports about a company or individual.

Be sure to read our TOS and Policies too. Basically you and only you are responsible for what you say in your report. We do not edit reports except when flagged for profanity or there is a threat made. We will report threats against any person, so we encourage you to be calm and thinking clearly when composing your report, or rebuttal.

Do you have a complaint that needs personal service? Please, use our contact form and submit your request to the editor. Just remember that usually, a report is your best first response to a situation!

We also have a special section for news that is written by the editor. You can find useful information, news about the site, news on new rip-offs and scams, and more.


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