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Rip Offs, & Consumer Complaints

Ripped Off Online, or "ROO" is a consumer reporting website that provides the consumer with the ability to file complaints and reports about companies or individuals. Ripped Off Online encourages truthful consumer reporting by requiring registration before a consumer complaint Ripped Off Consumer screaming graphicor respondent feedback can be posted.

Browse our reports database, or do a search for the topic you are looking for. If you want to file a report or complaint you can register here. Additionally, we have a quick response forum where one can ask questions and receive and answer, usually the same day. You can also contact us directly with any questions or feedback. Concerned about privacy of your information? Read our policies here. We never release or sell any personal information. If someone is interested in contacting you about your report, they must go through ROO. We will then contact you with the information. Whether or not you choose to respond is up to you.

The editors at Ripped Off Online do not in any way edit the reports filed, you read them as they were written. There are a few reasons where we reserve the right to censor: Extreme profanity and or any information we feel could be dangerous to the physical safety of a person or persons. See our policies page for more information.

Consumer reporting sites and the Internet are making a difference; companies are becoming more aware of the impact consumer reporting sites like Ripped Off Online have, and this is good. Sites like ROO help the scores of consumers who use and shop the Internet, as well as those using more traditional means to be better informed. If you have been ripped off online, or offline, report it!


View or File a Consumer Report Now!

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